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Business Hours


     Bowling Center                   Kitchen                            Bar             

Sun: 11AM-10/11PM          Sun: 12PM-8PM          Sun: 12PM-10/11PM
Mon:3PM-10/11PM           Mon: 3PM-9PM           Mon: 3PM-10/11PM
Tue: 3PM-10/11PM           Tue: 3PM-9PM            Tue: 3PM-10/11PM
Wed:3PM-10/11PM            Wed: 3PM-9PM           Wed: 3PM-10/11PM
 Thurs: 12PM-10/11PM           Thurs: 12PM-9PM       Thurs: 3PM-10/11PM   
Fri: 3PM-1:30AM                Fri: 3PM-11PM           Fri: 3PM-2AM        
Sat: 11AM-1:30AM            Sat: 12PM-11PM        Sat: 12PM-2AM    


 *Subject to closing early depending on volume. Please contact for more information. 

 *Business hours do vary according to school schedule and bank holidays.

*All bowling and arcade games must be completed prior to closing. No refunds will be given

*Outside food and drinks are not permitted for health reasons even if our kitchen is closed. 


*Hours subject to change without notice



Hosting a Birthday or Event

The occupancy of our facility is 550.  We can help you host an event of almost any size.  For more information you can click the, "Parties" tab above.  

For LARGE walk-in parties Please keep in mind, our facility is staffed accordingly to our normal volume.  If you have a large party it is advisable to call ahead, we can't gurantee extra staffing, but can try.  We would like the opportunity to serve you in the best possible way so all your guests receive the best possible experience.  By walking in during our normal low volume periods your guests will be subject to longer wait times, on food, beverages and bowling.  Please see the hours below, they indicate our staffing.


Sunday: 11AM-2PM  Low Volume     2PM- 10PM - Medium Volume

Monday: ALL DAY - Low Volume

Tuesday: ALL DAY - Low Volume

Wednesday: ALL DAY - Low Volume

Thursday: ALL DAY - Low Volume

Friday: 3PM-5PM - Low Volume     5PM-8PM - Medium Volume     8PM-2AM - High Volume

Saturday: 11AM-2PM - Low Volume     2PM-8PM - Medium Volume     8PM-2AM - High Volume


*Subject to change without notice, special events, holidays and ect.

Happy Hour

 Monday-Friday 3PM-7PM

*$1 for Just a Dog

*$4 Wells (Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequilla)

*$5.50 Long Islands

*$8 Small 1 Topping Pizza

*$8 For a Pound of Wings

*$13 Domestic Pitchers

(+Tax on all items)

League Bowling

 Up for the Winter season:

Tuesday 6:30pm - Here 4 the Beer 

Wednesday 6:30pm - Guys & Dolls 

Thursday 6:30pm - Chino Hills Gamblers (Vegas) 

Friday 6:50pm - River Rollers 

Sunday 6:30pm - Gamblers4 (Vegas) 


Want to join?  Want to inquire?  CLICK HERE

Becoming a Green Facility

Did you know that every minute you spend in the shower uses 1.5 gallons of water on average?  Did you know that 39% of the energy generated in Southern California is made by coal; 27% by natural gas and the rest is from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and ect?  Sure saving power does help cut our costs on electricity but for the most part it helps save our non-renewable resources.  

 Chaparral 300 is becoming a greener facility, we have made several changes to our facility to save electricity and water such as the following:

- Low liter per flush valves installed in our toilets and urinals

- Automatic faucets

- Led bulbs throughout our facility

- Led strips on our lane machines

- Going paperless with our recap sheets, standing sheets, and ect.

- Automatic relays and timers for our lights, and airconditioners


In an effort to save the planet, and do our part we are slowly adding more to this list.

Please CLICK HERE to learn about the city's "Stage III High Conservation Alert"

To learn how to save water CLICK HERE. 

To learn how to save electricity CLICK HERE.


Holiday Schedule & Observances




    January 1     12PM-10/11PM
    January 2     12PM-10/11PM
    January 3     12PM-10/11PM
    January 4     12PM-1:30AM
    January 5     11AM-1:30AM
    January 6     11AM-10/11PM
    January 20   11AM-10/11PM
    January 21   12PM-10/11PM



    February 3 10AM-3:30PM
    February 9 10AM-4PM
    February 10 11AM-11PM/12AM
    February 11 12PM-10/11PM
    February 17 11AM-11PM/12AM
    February 18 12PM-10/11PM



    March 22       12PM-1:30AM
    March 23       11AM-1:30AM
    March 24       11AM-10/11PM
    March 25       12PM-10/11PM
    March 26       12PM-10/11PM
    March 27       12PM-10/11PM
    March 28       12PM-10/11PM
    March 29       12PM-1:30AM



    April 19          12PM-1:30AM



    May 26           12PM-11PM/12AM
    May 27           12PM-10/11PM



Our Center

  • * 34 Lanes * USBC Certified *

    * Full Bar * 40 Draft Beers *

    * Live Music *

    * Djs * Nuke Bowl *

    * Pool Tables * Shuffle Board*

    * Darts * Many HD TVs *

    * Variety of great tasting food! *


  • After 7PM

    - 25¢ Games ($10 Cover includes shoe rental).

         * Limit 2 games on select nights

         * We do limit the amount of games depending on closing time as we may close between 10/11PM


    (+Tax on all items)

    All Pricing Subject to Holiday pricing/Blackout dates!



    - 25¢ Games ($10 Cover includes shoe rental),

        *2 game max on select nights 

         *We do limit the amount of games depending on closing time as we may close between 10/11PM

    (+Tax on all items)


  • 4191 Chino Hills Parkway,
    Chino Hills, CA Telephone : 909 342 7889


  • All information offered on this website are subject to terms and conditions. Please click here to view them.
Chaparral 300
4191 Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills, CA
Telephone : 909 342 7889