• *Bar / Restaurant is 21+ after 9PM 7 Days a week. Minors must be accompanied by and Adult at ALL times!
  • *If you look under the age of 40 you are REQUIRED to have a VALID ID present to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • *We card in our BAR and on the BOWLING LANES.
We ID for purchase of Alcoholic Beverages

We ID if you look under 40!  Keep in mind our Lounge/Bar is 21+ after 9 and requires a Valid ID to be in the bar at all times.  Minors may not approach or sit at the bar, they cannot play Pool, Darts, Nintendo, Shuffle Board, and Giant Jengha without the supervision of an adult over the age of 21.  To check out a cue ball or darts you must be 21 and over as well and have a valid credit card, NO EXCEPTIONS!


We DO NOT accept:

Military ID

World ID's

Physically Altered ID's (hole punched/cracked/taped together)

Expired ID


We ONLY accept:

State ID



As per ABC rules and regulations: 

"A. To be suitable as evidence for a defense, the identification card must be issued by a governmental agency and have a current description and a picture of the person presenting it which reasonably describes the person as to date of birth weight, height, sex and color of eyes and hair. No defense will exist if the card has obviously been altered or has expired. A registration certificate issued under the Federal Selective Service Act is no longer considered documentary evidence of age, identity and date of birth. (Section 25660)"  -ABC Website

Military and Mexico ID's are not consistent with Section 25660


" Is there any law against minors attempting to purchase alcoholic beverages?

A. Any person under the age of 21 years who attempts to purchase any alcoholic beverage from a licensee, or the licensee's agent or employee, is guilty of an infraction and shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars ($100). (Section 25658.5)" -ABC Website


"What is the penalty for a person who furnishes alcohol to a minor?

A. A minimum $1,000 fine and 24 hours of community service. If a person buys alcohol and furnishes it to a minor who consumes it and causes great bodily injury or death to himself or others, the furnisher faces a minimum 6-12 months in county jail and a $1,000 fine. (Sections 25658(a), 25658(c) and 25658(e)(2)(3))"  -ABC Website


We also will prosecute anyone who may attempt to purchase Alcoholic beverages that maybe underage and or provide alcohol to a minor.  This will be done without warning. 


Our Bar And Restaurant Has:

 9 Pool Tables ($1.50 per play, 21+ Credit/Debit Card required)

3 Shuffle Boards ($10 per hour, 21+ Credit/Debit Card required)

6 Dart Boards (Free, 21+ Credit/Debit Card required)

Giant Jenga

Giant Connect 4 Donuts

Air Hockey


A Full Bar

44 Draft Beers (Scroll up to see some of our selection)

20 42" HD LED TV's

180" HD Projector

150" HD Projector

A Foosball Table

Punch Bag Game

Internet Juke Box (which can be operated and paid by Smartphone)

A Capacity of 250


Bar Hours

Sun: 12PM - 10/11PM

Mon: 3PM - 10/11PM

Tues: 3PM - 10/11PM

Wed: 3PM - 10/11PM

Thurs: 3PM - 10/11PM

Fri: 3PM- 2AM

Sat: 12PM - 2AM


Sliders Cafe

Cafe hours:

Sun: 11AM - 9:00PM

Mon: 3PM - 9:00PM

Tues: 3PM - 9:00PM

Wed: 3PM - 9:00PM

Thurs: 3PM - 9PM

Fri: 3PM - 11PM

Sat: 11AM - 11PM

Outside food is not permitted, even if cafe is closed.

Cafe hours may vary by volume.

Cafe opens EARLY during Holiday weeks!


Click here to see our menu 


Happy Hour

Monday-Friday 3PM-7PM

$4 Wells (Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequilla)

$13 Domestic pitchers

$5.50 Long Island Iced Teas

$8 Small 1 Topping Pizza

$8 for a Pound of Wings

$1 For Just a Dog

(+Tax on all items)


Bar Reservations

Our bar has an occupancy of 248! Perfect for just about any kind of party.  To book a bar reservation please contact the Event Coordinator. (909) 206-4154 (TEXT ONLY)

Event Calender

  • 1st Friday of the month - DJ JCEE Live

    1st Saturday of the month -  80's Brigade - 80's - Classic Rock

    2nd Friday of the month - DJ JCEE Live

    2nd Saturday of the month - Pharmaceuticals - 80's, Rock

    3rd Friday of the month - DJ JCEE Live

    3rd Saturday of the month - Woody and the Harrelsons - 80's, 90's, 2k, Rock, Hip Hop

    4th Friday of the month - DJ JCEE Live

    4th Saturday of the month - CC's Rockin Soul, Classic Rock & RnB




  • 4191 Chino Hills Parkway,
    Chino Hills, CA Telephone : 909 342 7889


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Chaparral 300
4191 Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills, CA
Telephone : 909 342 7889